1hr 10mins

What should I bring?

Pen, pencil, eraser, calculator and a ruler

Exam Board: Edexcel: GCSE Geography Specification B Course


Paper 2

UK’s evolving physical landscape

UK’s evolving human landscape

No Fieldwork questions

Revision resources:

- Kerboodle online textbook (p. 110-221 excluding p. 202 - 211)

- Checklists

- Key terms lists

- Revision sheets

- Past papers

If your child cannot access their Kerboodle account they need to speak to their teacher who can reset their password. The institution code is mo8 and the username takes the format of initialsurname i.e. jbloggs. Once a teacher resets the password it will revert to the same as their username.


GCSE Revision Sheets UK Physical Landscape.pptx

Paper 2 UK key terms.docx

GCSE Revision Sheets UK Human Evolving .pptx

Physical UK checklist.docx

SAMs_GCSE_L1-L2_Geography_B (1).pdf