Year 7


45 minutes

What should I bring?



There will be 20 short answer questions.

The final question will require a longer answer. It will ask you to include religious opinions and your own view point on a statement.

The exam will cover all topics covered this year.

Topics we have studied in year 7 are: Creation stories (Hebrew, Chinese, Humanist); the life, death and parables of Jesus; the Bible and the types of writing in it; beliefs about God and life after death in Hinduism.

Helpful hints

Use your exercise book with classwork and home learning in it to revise from.


Use Quizlet to revise the keywords and concepts from Year 7. Look through the flash cards and test yourself. Have a go at the revision games 'Scatter' and 'Space Race' too. Good luck!


Play our online multiple choice quiz game to revise what we have studied this year. To join, go to: and enter the following game code: 224174