Year 9

Romeo and Juliet Exam


1 hour

What should I bring?

A pen

What can I expect?

You will be given an extract Romeo and Juliet and you will have 1 hour to answer an essay-style question that needs to refer to the extract provided, but also key moments from other parts of the play.

You have been told in advance that the topic is 'important relationships'.

Skills Involved:

You must be able to understand the text and the question, use evidence from the text, analyse language, explain the effects on the audience, and possibly to understand the socio-historical context in which the play was written. It is very important you know key quotations from some different sections of Romeo and Juliet.

How can I revise?

Revise the plot of Romeo and Juliet (using various film/stage adaptations available online).

Reread any extracts you have studied in class.

Revisit classwork notes on the play: focus on characters, themes, and memorable quotations to do with important relationships.

Select and memorise key quotations to do with important relationships from Romeo and Juliet.

Practise writing PEE or PETAL style paragraphs about the topic of the question.

Watch tutorial videos and read notes about the play at Course Hero.

Writing exam

What can I expect?

To have to write a speech on a topic that is specified in the exam paper.

Skills Involved:

You will be assessed on:

  • how convincing and well-expressed your point of view is

  • your ideas, vocabulary and use of devices

  • the organisation of your writing (opening, ending, paragraphs)

  • spelling, punctuation and sentence structures

How can I revise?

Reading opinion pieces (like those found on The Guardian) and listening to speeches that appeal to you on TED Talks. Following guidance from your lessons, practise speech writing on issues or topics that interest you.