Year 9


3 papers each 45 minutes long

What should I bring?

Pen, pencil, eraser, ruler, and calculator

Biology - Ecology and Cell biology

Ecology includes communities, abiotic factors, biotic factors, adaptations, level of organisation, how materials are cycled, biodiversity, waste management, land use, deforestation, global warming, maintaining biodiversity. Cell biology includes Eukaryotes and prokaryotes, animal and plant cells, cell specialisation, cell differentiation, microscopy, stems cells, diffusion, osmosis, exchange surfaces, active transport.

Chemistry – Using resources and Chemistry of the Atmosphere

Chemistry of the atmosphere includes the earth’s early atmosphere, the greenhouse effects, gases and human impact, global climate change, carbon footprint, combustion of fuels, pollutants and their effects. Atomic Structure includes the structure of the atom, sub atomic particles, the development of the structure of the atom, relative atomic mass, the Periodic Table, Groups 1, 7 and 0.

Physics – Energy and Electricity

Particle Model includes changes of state, internal energy, specific heat capacity, specific latent heat, the particle model and pressure. Energy includes energy stores and systems, physical work, gravitational potential energy, elastic potential energy, kinetic energy, specific heat capacity, power, wasted energy, efficiency, energy resources, insulation.

All Subjects

Use your exercise books and Kerboodle online where there are electronic copies of textbooks which contain practice questions.